How to Leverage the Services of a Professional Property Management Company


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McNeil Group Ltd is a reputable and reliable rental property management company that works both with investors and property owners to find the best tenants or buyers for their properties. McNeil Group saves clients time and effort by providing a strict and thorough tenant selection process. This ensures that only the best and most reliable tenants are chosen. Your workload is minimised because the McNeil Group takes care of the day to day management of your property.

The team of property managers at McNeil Group can reduce the overall stress that is commonly associated with rental property investment. You can leverage their 20+ years of experience in the industry. You are given high-quality service at competitive prices.

Property management in Paraparaumu

Great pride is taken in providing you high-quality and affordable property management services. This includes regular and thorough inspections and reporting. Our trained property management specialists will carefully assess your property and inform you of any problems that you may need to fix before renting out your house.

Professional relationships have been established with a network of reliable contractors, with all repairs and maintenance promptly undertaken. If required, you can take advantage of lawn and garden maintenance. Rent reviews and home evaluations can also be carried out.

Professional tenant selection

You may not have the time or expertise needed to vet tenants or follow up with references. The team at McNeil Group carries out background checks to see if a potential tenant has a previous record of missed or late payments. The tenancy selection process is strict to ensure all tenants will respect their obligations to you.

Marketing & advertising

McNeil Group provides proven marketing and advertising services for your property, as soon as a vacancy is known. There is nothing worse for a property owner than having to wait for weeks or months until your property is rented out again. With McNeil Group you can rest assured that your property will be promptly and professionally advertised both online and in print.

By using the rental property management services of McNeil Group, you can count on high-quality customer care and a hassle-free rental property experience. For a free rental appraisal and to discover the written guarantee offered to all customers visit the website today.