Rental Property Management Services in Paraparaumu


Harvey’s Rental Properties

In order to enhance your property so it becomes an asset and not a liability you need to manage your rental efficiently. Emotions can often get in the way and prevent you from making sound decisions. In order to avoid this you can enlist the help of Harvey’s Kapiti property management service in Paraparaumu. You can leverage their knowledge and expertise to manage your rentals efficiently and professionally.

Harvey’s Rental Properties operates to help Kapiti Coast and Paraparumu property owners. A similar property management service is also provided in Levin and Otaki.

How you can benefit from the expertise of Harvey’s Rental Properties

(1.) With over 20 years’ dedicated experience in managing properties, this agency offers a thorough and competitively priced service undertaken by their skilled team. Harvey’s Rental Properties is here to take care of your property 24/7 so you don’t have to.

(2.) All paperwork to do with the running of your property is taken care of including maintenance service and repairs. The rent that is received from tenants is immediately transferred to the landlord directly within 2 to 3 working days by our Kapiti rental agencies.

(3.) Property managers regularly inspect your property and take digital photos to keep an accurate record. If any repair work or maintenance is needed – this is promptly arranged with an expert team of reliable tradesmen.

Free up your time

To free up your time and relieve the stress of managing your property, make sure you take advantage of the rental property management in Paraparaumu. Everything will be completely taken care of for you – from inspections through to chasing up late rent payments. You don’t have to organise maintenance or repair work, as this is done on your behalf. At all times, you will receive regular updates and reports on your rental property.

Contact any of our staff at the rental agencies in Kapiti to book an appointment to discuss your requirements. All enquiries are warmly welcomed.


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