4 Distinct Advantages of a Property Manager

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Are you looking for practical and financially sound tips to maximise your rental property? Harvey’s Rental Properties is located in Paraparaumu, Levin and Otaki. The company works with clients who either own property or are considering investing in property. Harvey’s Rental Properties also works with investors and property owners who want to protect their assets and reduce the stress associated with investing in rental property.

At Harvey’s Rental Properties, every client enjoys instant peace of mind because they receive 20 years’ of industry experience. The team is made up of 10 professionals who are not only experienced but also dedicated to every client on their books. Besides being experienced in property investment, the team delivers high customer service standards and offers a guarantee for all services provided.

4 advantages of a property management service for your rental

1. Up to date management systems
Harvey’s Rental Properties offers rental property management services for clients who want expert management of their residential property and capital investments. The team at Harvey’s Rental Properties uses the latest management systems which ensures up to date protection of audited trust accounts.

2. No dealing with tenants
When you get a property manager at Harvey’s Rental Properties, you can take advantage of a wide range of services. You won’t have to deal with tenants and be involved with stressful negotiations or paperwork.

3. Dealing with 3rd parties such as tradesmen

Having a property manager acts as a third party. They will deal with reviewing and increasing rent, terminating tenancies and arranging for maintenance and repair services at your property with tradesmen. If you don’t have a preferred team of tradesmen, it is likely your property manager will have an established network of proven trademen you can leverage the services of.

4. Up to date with tenancy laws and regulations

The good thing about working with property managers is that they are knowledgeable in tenancy laws and regulations. This ensures that you do not unknowingly do something illegal and incur liabilities out of ignorance. Your property manager will also represent you in court or help you negotiate out of court settlements where there is a dispute between you and your tenant.

In order to ensure that your relationship with your property managers is fruitful and beneficial to you both, Harvey’s Rental will keep you updated with every aspect. You will be provided with periodic reports and updates on your property and finances. You will be given digital pictures of the condition of your property on a regular basis.

Whether your property is in Otaki, Levin or Paraparaumu, the property manager assigned to you will see to it that you receive the best possible care.

If you are interested in taking charge of your property and investments today, contact the experts at Harvey’s Rental Properties and they will help you through the process. Visit Harvey’s Rental Properties at www.rental-properties.co.nz. You can request a free rent appraisal today.


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