How Can Property Manager Help You Look After Your Rental Property


So perhaps you have a couple of spare properties that are just lying around, and you are thinking of putting them up for rent. Or you may be an established landlord with multiple properties available for rent. All these properties require able and often full-time management.

From collecting the rent on time to keeping your tenants satisfied, being a landlord is not a piece of cake. Sure, you may have been in the habit of managing all these properties on your own, but it is the time to ask yourself: Is it the time to hire a property manager? If you’re heading off to Kapiti, you sure are looking for rental agencies Kapiti.

Why Do You Need Rental property management Kapiti?

There are quite a lot of benefits associated with hiring a dedicated property manager or taking up the services of a full-time property management firm to look after your prized assets.

You may have a lot of properties scattered across a large geographic area; you may not be actually living near any of those properties; you have another full-time job on your hands, or you would simply prefer to invest your time in other worthier pursuits. Whatever the reason, hiring an established, proficient firm to take care of business is a pretty good option.

While a manager can cost you somewhere around 7-10% of your total rental income each week, the benefits associated with taking up the services of an expert far outweigh the costs.

Benefits of Rental Property Managers Kapiti

A good manager will take care of both your tenants as well as the well being of the property, leaving you with peace of mind and heavier pockets. Delegating the task to an expert will also have various other advantages, considering that he/she is likely to have done this sort of work before and has foreknowledge of potential pain points.

Hiring a good property manager can be a headache. However, with a little attention and consideration, you can get just the right one. Make sure that you inquire into all the particulars of the agency/professional you are interviewing for the post of your property manager. Get information about how many properties he/she has managed in the past along with particulars of their marketing strategies.

Its also a good idea to know more about their rent collection policies and how and if they plan to enforce the late fees. You should also ensure that the fees they are demanding as their compensation is within your budget. Also, ask their views on your property and their suggestions about getting the best possible returns out of it as it will give you an idea of their capabilities.

Other things to note

While we can’t help you find the perfect property manager everywhere, we do have the right people in case you have properties available for rent in and around Paraparaumu, Kapiti & Horowhenua. With a massive, two decades of experience in the industry, Harveys

Rental Properties are just the kind of folks you could want managing your precious homes.
So what are you waiting for? Contact Harveys Rental Properties today and request a free rental appraisal to get the best possible returns from your properties along with a complete peace of mind for yourself. Rental property management Kapiti can make the entire process easier.

Visit their website ( to learn more about their highly dedicated, professional team and high customer service standards yourself, today.


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