How Can Property Manager Help You Look After Your Rental Property


So perhaps you have a couple of spare properties that are just lying around, and you are thinking of putting them up for rent. Or you may be an established landlord with multiple properties available for rent. All these properties require able and often full-time management.

From collecting the rent on time to keeping your tenants satisfied, being a landlord is not a piece of cake. Sure, you may have been in the habit of managing all these properties on your own, but it is the time to ask yourself: Is it the time to hire a property manager? If you’re heading off to Kapiti, you sure are looking for rental agencies Kapiti.

Why Do You Need Rental property management Kapiti?

There are quite a lot of benefits associated with hiring a dedicated property manager or taking up the services of a full-time property management firm to look after your prized assets.

You may have a lot of properties scattered across a large geographic area; you may not be actually living near any of those properties; you have another full-time job on your hands, or you would simply prefer to invest your time in other worthier pursuits. Whatever the reason, hiring an established, proficient firm to take care of business is a pretty good option.

While a manager can cost you somewhere around 7-10% of your total rental income each week, the benefits associated with taking up the services of an expert far outweigh the costs.

Benefits of Rental Property Managers Kapiti

A good manager will take care of both your tenants as well as the well being of the property, leaving you with peace of mind and heavier pockets. Delegating the task to an expert will also have various other advantages, considering that he/she is likely to have done this sort of work before and has foreknowledge of potential pain points.

Hiring a good property manager can be a headache. However, with a little attention and consideration, you can get just the right one. Make sure that you inquire into all the particulars of the agency/professional you are interviewing for the post of your property manager. Get information about how many properties he/she has managed in the past along with particulars of their marketing strategies.

Its also a good idea to know more about their rent collection policies and how and if they plan to enforce the late fees. You should also ensure that the fees they are demanding as their compensation is within your budget. Also, ask their views on your property and their suggestions about getting the best possible returns out of it as it will give you an idea of their capabilities.

Other things to note

While we can’t help you find the perfect property manager everywhere, we do have the right people in case you have properties available for rent in and around Paraparaumu, Kapiti & Horowhenua. With a massive, two decades of experience in the industry, Harveys

Rental Properties are just the kind of folks you could want managing your precious homes.
So what are you waiting for? Contact Harveys Rental Properties today and request a free rental appraisal to get the best possible returns from your properties along with a complete peace of mind for yourself. Rental property management Kapiti can make the entire process easier.

Visit their website ( to learn more about their highly dedicated, professional team and high customer service standards yourself, today.

4 Distinct Advantages of a Property Manager

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Are you looking for practical and financially sound tips to maximise your rental property? Harvey’s Rental Properties is located in Paraparaumu, Levin and Otaki. The company works with clients who either own property or are considering investing in property. Harvey’s Rental Properties also works with investors and property owners who want to protect their assets and reduce the stress associated with investing in rental property.

At Harvey’s Rental Properties, every client enjoys instant peace of mind because they receive 20 years’ of industry experience. The team is made up of 10 professionals who are not only experienced but also dedicated to every client on their books. Besides being experienced in property investment, the team delivers high customer service standards and offers a guarantee for all services provided.

4 advantages of a property management service for your rental

1. Up to date management systems
Harvey’s Rental Properties offers rental property management services for clients who want expert management of their residential property and capital investments. The team at Harvey’s Rental Properties uses the latest management systems which ensures up to date protection of audited trust accounts.

2. No dealing with tenants
When you get a property manager at Harvey’s Rental Properties, you can take advantage of a wide range of services. You won’t have to deal with tenants and be involved with stressful negotiations or paperwork.

3. Dealing with 3rd parties such as tradesmen

Having a property manager acts as a third party. They will deal with reviewing and increasing rent, terminating tenancies and arranging for maintenance and repair services at your property with tradesmen. If you don’t have a preferred team of tradesmen, it is likely your property manager will have an established network of proven trademen you can leverage the services of.

4. Up to date with tenancy laws and regulations

The good thing about working with property managers is that they are knowledgeable in tenancy laws and regulations. This ensures that you do not unknowingly do something illegal and incur liabilities out of ignorance. Your property manager will also represent you in court or help you negotiate out of court settlements where there is a dispute between you and your tenant.

In order to ensure that your relationship with your property managers is fruitful and beneficial to you both, Harvey’s Rental will keep you updated with every aspect. You will be provided with periodic reports and updates on your property and finances. You will be given digital pictures of the condition of your property on a regular basis.

Whether your property is in Otaki, Levin or Paraparaumu, the property manager assigned to you will see to it that you receive the best possible care.

If you are interested in taking charge of your property and investments today, contact the experts at Harvey’s Rental Properties and they will help you through the process. Visit Harvey’s Rental Properties at You can request a free rent appraisal today.

Rental Property Management Services in Paraparaumu


Harvey’s Rental Properties

In order to enhance your property so it becomes an asset and not a liability you need to manage your rental efficiently. Emotions can often get in the way and prevent you from making sound decisions. In order to avoid this you can enlist the help of Harvey’s Kapiti property management service in Paraparaumu. You can leverage their knowledge and expertise to manage your rentals efficiently and professionally.

Harvey’s Rental Properties operates to help Kapiti Coast and Paraparumu property owners. A similar property management service is also provided in Levin and Otaki.

How you can benefit from the expertise of Harvey’s Rental Properties

(1.) With over 20 years’ dedicated experience in managing properties, this agency offers a thorough and competitively priced service undertaken by their skilled team. Harvey’s Rental Properties is here to take care of your property 24/7 so you don’t have to.

(2.) All paperwork to do with the running of your property is taken care of including maintenance service and repairs. The rent that is received from tenants is immediately transferred to the landlord directly within 2 to 3 working days by our Kapiti rental agencies.

(3.) Property managers regularly inspect your property and take digital photos to keep an accurate record. If any repair work or maintenance is needed – this is promptly arranged with an expert team of reliable tradesmen.

Free up your time

To free up your time and relieve the stress of managing your property, make sure you take advantage of the rental property management in Paraparaumu. Everything will be completely taken care of for you – from inspections through to chasing up late rent payments. You don’t have to organise maintenance or repair work, as this is done on your behalf. At all times, you will receive regular updates and reports on your rental property.

Contact any of our staff at the rental agencies in Kapiti to book an appointment to discuss your requirements. All enquiries are warmly welcomed.

Harveys Rentals – Discover How a Dedicated Property Management Company Can Maximise Your Investment


Harvey’s Rentals is a licensed real estate agency specialising in rental property management in Kapiti and Horowhenua. Since opening 20 years ago, Harvey’s Rentals has continued to provide a friendly, personalised and professional service to all clients. Harvey’s Rentals can help you build your wealth by offering you the best property management services. All staff are experienced and highly-trained.

Harvey’s Rentals leases and manages rental properties throughout the Kapiti Coast and Horowhenua. All efforts and resources are used to ensure your specific property management needs are fulfilled. This means your property benefits from professional skills and market knowledge to secure quality tenants. Always the aim at Harvey’s Rentals is to minimise vacancies, expertly handle repairs, undertake marketing campaigns that work and ensure full legal compliance.

How rental property managers in Kapiti and Horowhenua can help increase your income

If you own an investment property in the Kapiti Coast, Horowhenua or surrounding areas then choosing the services of a good property management company is the most reliable way to maximise the return on your investment. A sound property management company will handle your property with minimum fuss and give you instant peace of mind.

Rental property managers are skilled at performing a number of duties that can greatly increase your rental yield, capital growth and tenant quality. All of these are essential for maximising your investment.

Marketing your property

Our experienced Kapiti Coast and Horowhenua rental property managers can market your property effectively to fill vacancies and increase cash flow. Our property management specialists can undertake property inspections to determine your property’s unique selling features to focus their marketing strategies accurately. The Kapiti Coast and Horowhenua rental property managers know how to handle all aspects of rental listings, including copy writing, internal and external photography, property viewings, street signage and where to advertise to gain maximum reach.

Tenant selection

In addition to showing your property to prospective tenants, a property manager can conduct tenant screenings to shortlist and identify the best tenants for you. Renting to the right tenants will not only increase your chances of prompt payment, but also reduces the possibility of property damage. Thorough background and financial checks on all potential tenants are made. This means the best tenants who represent a minimal risk to your property can be selected.

Managing your tenants effectively

Once tenants have been secured, it is important to keep them happy to reduce tenant turnover. As part of their relationship with investors and tenants, property managers implement a number of strategies to encourage tenants to make a long-term commitment.

This includes accurate and clear communication; dealing with any outstanding tenant enquiries promptly; negotiating a new lease and undertaking repairs. These strategies not only keep your tenants happy, but also improve your chances of lease renewal.

Handling financials

Professional property managers undertake efficient collection of rental payments, in accordance with your tenancy agreement. Arrears control and prevention is also undertaken, which is critical to maximising rental returns.

The property managers at Harvey’s Rentals establish and maintain property and rental records. You are provided with regular financial statements including an annual revenue and expenditure summary – making tax time easier for you.

Rent review and adjustment

Setting the right amount of rent is essential for ensuring high rental returns and lower vacancy rates. If you increase the rent too often – or raise it to an exorbitantly high level – you may drive tenants out. This may leave you without rental income for a long period of time, which may outweigh the original increase in rent.

On the other hand, if you fail to increase rent to the right level, you’ll lose revenue and make it difficult to raise the rent to market rates at a later date. The experienced team at Harvey’s Rentals accurately assesses your property to determine the correct market rent to attract and retain tenants.

Ongoing maintenance

To gain maximum rental income from your rental property, you need to ensure that your property is well-maintained and attractive. A property that is cared for will yield the highest-quality tenants and obtain the best rental income. At Harvey’s Rentals there is a network of reliable contractors who conduct routine maintenance and also undertake property repairs to increase the value of your property, if required.

Boost your rent with Harvey’s Rentals

At Harvey’s Rentals, full charge is taken for daily responsibilities of managing and caring for your rental property. Leveraging the knowledge, experience and prompt service can save you thousands of dollars.

Harvey’s Rentals manages properties on the Kapiti Coast, Horowhenua and surrounding regions. If you own a rental property in any of these areas, please get in touch by filling in the online contact form on the website. Alternatively you can call one of the customer service teams in Paraparaumu, Otaki or Levin.

A Beginners Guide to Investment Properties in Kapiti

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If you’re interested in investment properties and want to learn more about property management on the Kapiti Coast, you will find the information below valuable. Located 50km north of Wellington, with a population of 51,400, Kapiti is a vibrant coastal district with many beautiful properties. It may be the perfect place for you to start your investment portfolio.

Investing in Kapiti

As a beginner investing in real estate, you want your money to work for you. A physical asset has the potential to make you money in the future. Making enough money to cover the cost of your investment is important, but making more than you put in is the goal. Making a profit and getting a return on your investment will help you to avoid undue risk, pay taxes and meet property maintenance costs.

The goal of investing is to acquire properties and generate a profit. A thriving area with plenty of tourism such as Kapiti, could potentially generate the profit you want in an investment. Real estate appreciation occurs when your property becomes more valuable because something has changed in the real estate market.

The land around your property may have become more valuable due to other pieces of land being bought up or simply an increase in the economy of that market. As Kapiti is close to the bustling economic centre and tourist destination of Wellington, this is likely. For instance, property located near the Paraparumu golf course may appreciate in value.

Another benefit of purchasing an investment property in Kapiti is that you may be able to get some real time income from renting the property out. Whether as a temporary rental for a few days or weeks with rotating tourists or a long-term rental to a local family. This can be lucrative if the price is right and the suburb your property is in demand.

It is important to keep your property well maintained and insured. Professional rental property management will give you control of your property and generate monthly returns from your rental income. Eventually you will be able to sell your investment for above original cost. To prevent devaluation, ensure your property is expertly managed by enlisting the services of a professional property management company.

Maintaining your property can be difficult on your own. Make property management in Kapiti easier with Harvey’s Rentals regularly works with owners and investors to protect their assets. Contact Harvey’s Rentals today and see how a professional company can benefit you and your investment.

How to Leverage the Services of a Professional Property Management Company


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McNeil Group Ltd is a reputable and reliable rental property management company that works both with investors and property owners to find the best tenants or buyers for their properties. McNeil Group saves clients time and effort by providing a strict and thorough tenant selection process. This ensures that only the best and most reliable tenants are chosen. Your workload is minimised because the McNeil Group takes care of the day to day management of your property.

The team of property managers at McNeil Group can reduce the overall stress that is commonly associated with rental property investment. You can leverage their 20+ years of experience in the industry. You are given high-quality service at competitive prices.

Property management in Paraparaumu

Great pride is taken in providing you high-quality and affordable property management services. This includes regular and thorough inspections and reporting. Our trained property management specialists will carefully assess your property and inform you of any problems that you may need to fix before renting out your house.

Professional relationships have been established with a network of reliable contractors, with all repairs and maintenance promptly undertaken. If required, you can take advantage of lawn and garden maintenance. Rent reviews and home evaluations can also be carried out.

Professional tenant selection

You may not have the time or expertise needed to vet tenants or follow up with references. The team at McNeil Group carries out background checks to see if a potential tenant has a previous record of missed or late payments. The tenancy selection process is strict to ensure all tenants will respect their obligations to you.

Marketing & advertising

McNeil Group provides proven marketing and advertising services for your property, as soon as a vacancy is known. There is nothing worse for a property owner than having to wait for weeks or months until your property is rented out again. With McNeil Group you can rest assured that your property will be promptly and professionally advertised both online and in print.

By using the rental property management services of McNeil Group, you can count on high-quality customer care and a hassle-free rental property experience. For a free rental appraisal and to discover the written guarantee offered to all customers visit the website today.